Eliminate the #1 Cause of Premature Rechargeable Device Failures.

Whether it's a portable generator, laptop, flashlight, jump starter box, portable power station, or power tools, we've all got devices that we don't use daily, but we need them to be charged and ready when the time comes. Charge-O-Matic TM is the answer to the age-old problem of dead (fried / overcharged / undercharged) batteries in devices that have been left plugged in 24/7, or left unplugged for too long--resulting in permanent battery damage.

  • Prevents premature battery demise and maximizes battery life span.
  • Ensures devices are ready when you need them.
  • Saves power by disconnecting devices when charge complete.
  • Automates adherence to manufacturer battery maintenance guidelines.
  • Maintains routine even after power failures.
  • True "Set it and forget it" functionality.
  • Use one Charge-o-matic with a power strip for multi-device operability.
  • If you've been searching for a 30 day timer, a 60 day timer, or a 90 day timer, Charge-o-matic will do up to 99 days with ease.

You can read it in a Popular Science article, or in your device's owner's manual, but you'll find that leaving your device continuously plugged in is a recipe for diminished battery life span and premature failure. Leaving your device unplugged is just as bad for the battery and what's worse, your device won't be charged and ready when you need it.

Charge-O-Matic TM lets you easily, quickly, and automatically charge and maintain your devices' batteries according to manufacturer specifications for maximum life span.

Set it and forget it with Charge-O-Matic TM.

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"I was glad to find your product..."

I'm hearing impaired and wear hearing aids.  Almost all modern hearing aids are rechargeable.  Most of us who wear hearing aids keep our old pair as a backup in case one of our new aids fails, or gets lost.  In the old days, we would just slip a new battery in our old aids and we were good to go. But with rechargeable aids, we need to make sure our old aids are charged.  If the charge falls too low, they can reach a state where they can’t be charged and have to be sent back to the manufacturer. Most hearing aid manufacturers recommend charging them every six months.  While your product only allows 99 days, that’s close enough. I now have my old aids in their charger plugged into your product, with an 8 hour charge.  They just stop charging once they’re fully charged, just as they do every night in normal use. There’s no way I’d
remember to keep them charged up on my own.  I was glad to find your
product on Amazon.

-Michael H. in California

Safely, Automatically Charge and Disconnect your E-Bike


There are three main issues to protect against with modern lithium batteries found in today's e-bikes. 1. Permanent damage due to extended periods at low state of charge. 2. Reduction in battery life span due to unnecessary short cycling resulting from leaving the battery on the charger too long. 3. Fire hazard due to charge system malfunction. | Charge-o-matic easily and automatically protects against all of these issues. Simply plug your manufacturer supplied charging cord into Charge-o-matic. Turn the hours knob to the number that charges your battery to 100% and the days knob to 30 days. Now, your e-bike battery will never have a damaging prolonged under voltage condition because it will be recharged every 30 days; it will automatically be disconnected from AC voltage when the set hours have elapsed, minimizing chances of fire; and it will never be unnecessarily short cycling itself into shorter life span due to having an energized charger connected to it. Charge-o-matic turns any e-bike battery charger into a safer, more efficient charger that guards against premature battery death.

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Automatic Generator Start Battery Charger

Electric Start Generators

To ensure they'll start when you need them to, most portable generators have a specific battery maintenance schedule. Generac, in their owner's manual for their XT8500EFI states that the battery should be, "Charged for 12 hours, every three months." With Charge-O-Matic, turn the hours knob to 12 hours, and the days knob to 90 days. Your generator battery maintenance schedule is done forever. Set it, forget it, and never pull a cord again.

Charge-O-Matic is the smart charger for your electric start generator.

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Electric Scooter Automatic Battery Charge Maintenance

Mobility Scooter

Need a mobility scooter smart charger? It's a common complaint among motorized electric scooter users: the battery keeps dying! If you look in the manual for these units, you'll find that the charge routines required are something like 8-14 hours every two weeks, if you don't use it every day. The problem is, who remembers to plug and unplug something that frequently? No one. So the battery either gets left on charge too long, or left off the charger altogether--both of which can permanently reduce battery lifespan and charge capacity. Charge-o-matic FINALLY fixes all of that! Set the hours knob to 8 hours and the days knob to 14 days. Press 'Start' and your mobility scooter battery charge routine is automated forever because it will repeat that charge cycle indefinitely--even automatically resuming after power outages! Get ready for your scooter to function at the battery manufacturer's maximum life span instead of being dead in a few months. Oh, and what if you use your scooter more often? Any time you've just finished using your scooter, just plug it in to the Charge-o-matic and press the 'Start' button twice. It'll reset the routine using the same parameters you were using before so you're ready to go tomorrow or 6 months from tomorrow. Easy peasy.

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Automatic Laptop Battery Charge Optimizer

Laptops & Notebooks

If you're a road warrior, you're using your notebook every day. For the rest of us, our laptops may see use only once in a while. According to Apple, if you're storing your computer for long term, "Do not fully charge or fully discharge your device’s battery — charge it to around 50%. If you store a device when its battery is fully discharged, the battery could fall into a deep discharge state, which renders it incapable of holding a charge. Conversely, if you store it fully charged for an extended period of time, the battery may lose some capacity, leading to shorter battery life. If you plan to store your device for longer than six months, charge it to 50% every six months."

Charge-O-Matic TM makes maintaining your laptop and notebook computer batteries easy and reliable. If your laptop charges to 50% in 4 hours, set the hours knob to 4, and the days knob to 90. Now your laptop battery will never be drained too low to permanently damage it. Set it and forget it.

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Portable Power Station Charge Automation

Portable Power Stations

Whether it's a Jackery, EcoFlow, or Bluetti, LiFePO4 powered portable power stations are amazingly useful, but expensive tools. Maintain your investment by following the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations. Jackery's website FAQ says, "1. We recommend keeping the battery power above 20% when using or storing the power station regularly.

2. A fully charged battery can last for several months. However, please recharge it every 3 months to keep the battery power above 50% if you don't use it."

EcoFlow's blog states, "For long-term storage, discharge the battery to 30% and charge it to 85% every three months (products that have not been charged and discharged for more than 6 months are not covered under the product warranty)."

Anker's storage instructions for its flagship 767 PPS states, "If the power station is stored at a low capacity for a long time, lithium batteries will self-consume power which may lead to depletion of its life and a quick discharge. And often leads to poor conductivity and a reduced battery lifespan that causes the battery not to work. Check the remaining battery capacity each week if the battery level is below 30%. Please charge the power station to full again.

Remember to charge it to 100% once every three months. If you can do it once a month, it's even better."

Charge-O-Matic makes storing your portable power station to manufacturer specs easy and automatic. If your PPS takes 5 hours to charge to manufacturer spec, set Charge-O-Matic's hour knob to 5 and the days knob to 90 days. Your PPS maintenance routine is done. Forever.

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Jumpstart Box Charge Timer

Jump Starters

If you've ever needed a jump start, but your jump start box was dead, you need Charge-O-Matic. Stanley recommends charging its units every 30 days. With Charge-O-Matic, turn the hours knob to 24 hours, and the days knob to 30 days. Your jump starter box maintenance schedule is done forever. Set it, forget it, and never be stranded again.

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Automatic Battery Maintainer for Garmin

Bike Lights

Keep your cycling lights plugged in all the time and you'll soon find out that the batteries won't hold a charge for nearly as long. Charge-O-Matic will keep your headlights and taillights charged at the interval of your choosing, preventing damaging over-charge. With Charge-O-Matic, you're always ready to ride.

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Automatic Smart Charge Timer for Cycling

Cycling Head Units

Ever headed out for a ride only to realize your head unit is about to die? This common occurrence doesn't have to be your predicament. Charge-O-Matic will keep your Garmin or Wahoo head unit charged at the interval of your choosing, preventing damaging over-charge. With Charge-O-Matic, you'll always have your ride data.

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Automatic Garmin inReach Charge Maintenance


Your Garmin inReach is an invaluable tool, but you probably don't use it every day. When you need it, nothing else will do. Make sure your inReach works when you need it most. Garmin's recommendation for storing your inReach says, "...monitor and recharge batteries (30-50%) every 3 months while in storage." If it takes 3 hours to get your inReach to 30-50% charge, set the Charge-O-Matic's hour knob to 3 and the days knob to 90. Your inReach maintenance routine is done. Forever.

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Automatic Smart Charger for Telescopes

Go To Telescopes

If you've invested in a telescope with onboard battery power like the Celestron Nexstar Evolution series, you might not know that page 6 of the manual states, "Do not leave the battery fully discharged or low for an extended period of time. Keep the battery charged every 3 to 6 months."

Keep your go to mount ready for action and maximize its battery life span with Charge-O-Matic. Set the hour knob to 8 hours and the days knob to 90. Your stargazing rig is well taken care of and ready for the next clear skies.

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  • Simple Dual Knob Design

    No confusing menus or key sequences. We designed Charge-O-Matic to need no instruction manual (but we supply one just in case).

  • Safety Certified

    Intertek ETL Certified and conforms to UL 60730-1:2016 Ed.5; UL 60730-2-7:2014 Ed.2+R:31Jul2014. Certified to CSA E60730-1 and E60730-2-7.

  • Reliability through Battery Backup

    Power outages are no match. With its onboard battery backup, you can rest assured that Charge-O-Matic will resume doing its job reliably once power is restored, maintaining its settings and its place in its routine.