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Charge-O-Matic TM

Charge-O-Matic TM - The timer that makes any charger smart.

Charge-O-Matic TM - The timer that makes any charger smart.

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Say goodbye to prematurely destroyed and dead batteries that result from overcharging and undercharging.

Whether it's for your electric start generator, power tools, Garmin™, or any other battery powered device, Charge-O-Matic's patented technology makes any charger smart by providing virtually unlimited discrete control of on/off hour and day durations—with onboard battery backup for reliable resumption of the on/off routine even after power outages!

How it works: Any charger (or device) that is plugged into Charge-O-Matic's outlet can be set to power-on for a user-defined period of 1 to 99 hours. After the user-defined power-on period has elapsed, Charge-O-Matic™ turns off the outlet (and thus the connected charger or device) for the user-defined power-off period of 1 to 99 days. Once the appropriate days of power-off period have elapsed, Charge-O-Matic™ repeats the power-on period and so on. By repeating this scheduled on and off routine, Charge-O-Matic™ keeps items ready and charged when you need them, without the battery damaging overcharge associated with leaving devices charging at all times.

Intertek ETL Certified and meets UL 60730-1:2016 Ed.5; UL 60730-2-7:2014 Ed.2+R:31Jul2014

  • Simple dual knob design. No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth needed!

  • Fully automates manufacturer battery maintenance protocol.

  • No more remembering to plug / unplug your devices on a schedule.

    • Prevents premature battery demise and maximizes battery life span and capacity.

    • Activates the connected device/charger for a duration you specify and then de-energizes the charger for the number of days you specify. The cycle repeats even automatically picks up where it left off after power outages!

      • Ensures devices are charged when you need them, even after months or years.

      • Off-grid & Green Friendly: Extremely low 0.4 watt idle consumption.

      • Saves power by disconnecting devices when charge cycle complete.

      • Maintains routine even after power failures for true "Set it and forget it" functionality.

      • Use one Charge-o-matic with a power strip for multi-device operability.

      Input: 125VAC 60Hz
      Output: 125VAC 15(3)A (max)

      Concept and design: Ormond Beach, Florida, USA

      U.S. Patent 11,610,749

      Safety Certifications

      Intertek ETL Certified

      Conforms to:

      UL STD.60730-1:2016 Ed.5

      UL STD.60730-2-7:2014 Ed.2+R:31Jul2014

      Certified to:

      CSA STD.E60730-1

      CSA STD.E60730-2-7

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